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                                 First day
“Hey it's time,” I told Hawk Eye. “Ok but what is it  time for,” he tried to be funny. “You know what it's time for now stop messing around LET'S GO!” I yelled.  “Ok, Ok,” he complained. “ ya now let's go,” I tried to cheer him up,but I don't know how to do that yet.
“Ok now all you have to do is hand these cards out to some boys, can you do that,” I asked sarcastic.” Ya I think I can do that much,” He said making me mad. “ Ok then see you at the cercle after school, got it,” I kinda yelled that last part. We started handing out the cards, the cards reed,
 Hey peeps meet me and Hack-Eye at the cercle after school.
P.S. You can't tell anyone till you know who has a card.
P.P.S. If you do this card will self destruct.

I think I made a lot of people scared  with that last part. “Ok now what do we do Shadow,” Hack-Eye asked? “We wight,” I tolled him. “Ok, but weighting is boring,” he complained. “Hey we didn't have to wight that long they are coming and at a fast past,”
“What can I say people love to kit evil butt to help my father the major,” I started to gloat. I put up the invisible fores felled. “Why did you taped us in here,” some dude asked? “Well you all are the next secret agent's and this invisible fores felled is also made of soundproof glass so it is the best please to talk about you name's.” I tolled them. “Name's what name's,” Asked a girl that hid behind the SMART MOUTH  I talked to rellyer.
“Ok shy girl let my pick I nice agent name for you,” I tried to say as nicely as I could. “Ok but please don't make it to mean,” she said vary nervous. “Your name is clover Ok,” I said moving on to the next person. “Ok Smart Mouth your name is flame,” I tolled him be for he could say anything. “Ok I'm done lets go down to HQ,” I tolled them.
“I'll finish up here Hack Eye,” Agen trying to be nice.
“Ok see you tomorrow Shadow,” When he said that everyone came over. “SHADOW do you mean butt kicking agent Shadow,” Flame yelled hurting my ere. “Yes why,” I answered.  “Cool your like the best of the best so why do you need us,” Clover asked?
Suddenly the shy  girl was not that shy. “Because I need a team,” I tolled her. What I didn't tell is I was also looking for a family because my dad ,the major, is the one who gave me this job. “See ya I'm out of here,” Hack Eye said kinda mad. Clover trend to me.
“So what's up with him and you,” She asked being to be vary noisy. “he  likes me and I printed I don't know,” I tolled her knowing I could trust her. “Oh do you like him back,” She asked making me wont to hit her. “Yes, no, I don't know,” I answered. “Oh well that's sad to here,” She said disappointed.
I started think about what she said and it is sad that I don't know how I feel. “ Hey Shadow what's the status,” Hack Eye Asked. “Single,” I said trying to be funny. “Not that Status, but that is good to know,” He said. “Oh, nothing,” I said kinda disappointed and I don't know why.
“Oh, by the way I have a nickname for you it's Hack kk,”I told he just so so he knew. “Ok,” Hack laughed.  People started going home. “bye Hack,” I said as I got my bed set down in HQ. “Bye shadow,” he said going on up home.
Me and clover were the only ones still in HQ. “So do you have anyone  you like,”I asked. “You know flame right,”She asked. “You mean smart moth,”She started laughing. “Yes smart mouth I like him,”She told me.
“Well is there anything you wont me to do before I go,” she ashed before she left. “No I don't think so,”I said trying to think.”Ok see you tomorrow,” she said. “bye,”I laughed. I finished up all the paper work.  
When I went to lie down Hack come back down. “Hey you don't happen to have an extra bed down here do you,” He asked. “Yay why,” I asked him. “Me and my mom got in a fight as soon as I got home so  I went down here for to night,” He told me.
“what were you two fighting about,”I asked. “That's not in portent right now,”He told me. “Ok we are on a need to know basis and I need to know,”I told him. “Ok we had fight about how long I was down here she yelled at me for being down here to long ,”that's all he said. I went back to me bed and fell asleep.
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